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About us

SHCAIRA ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS has quality, innovation and good management as its main pillars.

Based on this concept, this law firm was created and has been increasingly improving its capabilities over the last twenty years. Today, it is largely recognized by its steady tradition founded on the high-quality work conducted in a number of places spread all over the country.

Therefore, we are fully capable of providing excellence in legal services with the necessary credibility to ensure that the needs and legal demands of our clients are properly met, while also meeting their legal demands both through advisory dynamics and contentious jurisdiction of any judicial process in which our clients are the interested parties.

SHCAIRA ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS is known for its creative, prompt and definite solutions provided for our clients, based on the best practices – both strategic and in scale – comprising Civil, Credit Recovery, Banking, Labor and Consumer Relations Law during the judicial or extrajudicial phases of the processes.

Areas of Activity


Considering that Civil Law regulates the legal relations between individuals, it is inevitable that conflicts of interest may arise, generating the need for suitable technical advising for the legal defense of our clients.

Our office has in its DNA the ability to provide creative solutions to prevent or minimize possible risks and liabilities while developing strategies for the best resolution of conflicts.

Our team of attorneys works for our clients by thoroughly analyzing the negotiations that are submitted for their assessment, formally addressing - by either judicial or extrajudicial means - the necessary citations while ensuring that the interests of our clients are properly met.


Consumer relations expose both service and product companies to a number of financial and even reputational risks, which justify the implementation of strategies for companies that serve consumers on a large scale.

Our work is focused on solving such problems, identifying potential vulnerabilities, mapping risks and indicating the best solutions. By applying our own technology, we use data extracted from managerial and statistical reports, which are then analyzed in a global, systemic and intelligent way so as to identify opportunities for improvement.

We focus on the control and the reduction of contingencies through the implementation of policies which take into account the peculiarities of each one of our clients.


The services we provide are in line with the frequent innovations of the legislation and with the decisions put into effect by both Regional and Superior Courts.

We are structured and qualified to meet the demand of our clients in the banking sector in any city of the national territory, providing the status and detailed reports of our procedures. By using statistical data, we offer adequate management of volume litigation, indicating the evolution of share portfolio indexes.

Either through legal procedures or control management, we are able to offer creative and responsible legal solutions by developing policies to reduce both the portfolio and the contingency, thus mitigating the risks of legal proceedings.


Our credit recovery services adopt procedural and negotiation strategies as a means to obtain results quickly and effectively.

We also use tools to locate assets and people as a means to facilitate the process of legal actions and effective negotiations through highly trained teams focused on legal acceleration and the encouragement of conciliation.

Therefore, we serve the interests of our clients, focusing on the outcome and making use of the judicial process as one of the tools to quickly solve litigations.

In order to make this feasible, the application of creative solutions is always the case combined with the constant lawyer’s familiarity with the process, the debtor and the judicial system.


We offer our clients the expertise on risk management, which can substantially reduce the impacts resulting from the requirements of both taxation control agencies and Labor Court.

Thus, whether through a preventive or contentious process, we are able to manage, in a diligent way, all the implications that may occur, regardless of the structure of the portfolio before the austerity of the Labor Court and its unfoldings of either pecuniary nature, adjustments of procedures or other peculiarities.

Within the universal scope of labor, bringing together the knowledge of legal techniques, technology and modern concepts of management in our work ensures that the final product we present to our clients allows the identification of the elements to perform the diagnosis, evaluation and solution of the problem, reducing the risks of labor liabilities and their contingency risks.


As part of our portfolio, we offer the management of contentious issues, which serves the interests of our clients with a significant number of legal proceedings in progress. That provides constant analysis and lays out the perspectives, vulnerabilities and operating strategies.

Hence, we are capable of offering an overview of all litigations involved, whether it is related to civil, labor or other fields, offering our expertise in the areas of operations, reduction of costs and their related contingencies.

We offer our clients a differentiated work on litigation planning that emphasizes an analytical approach by means of technological tools and continuous management, promoting simultaneous monitoring and follow up of judicial processes occurring all over the national territory. We also provide periodic analytical reports to our clients notifying them about imminent risks or about cases that need to be given priority, therefore, advising the client’s legal management team.

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